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A new bill on gun violence adopted in Congress
After the Senate Thursday, the House Friday gave approval to bipartisan agreement to control certain aspect in acquiring firearms. The United States Congress approved on Thursday and Friday a bipartisan regulation aiming to refrain people considered dangerous from accessing firearms. The compromise implemented...
Love not hate
UN calls “everyone” to action as part of its first International Day to Counter Hate Speech.
“Hate speech is a danger to everyone and fighting it is a job for everyone,” said the General Secretary António Guterres. June 18, 2022 recalled the first International Day to Counter Hate Speech, which offered the opportunity to UN General-Secretary António Guterres to call everyone’s attention to the...
Two CUNY's entities among the 10 finalists for Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence 2023
The prize honors outstanding works in the areas that include retention, completion, and transfer, improvement in performance over time, and equity. It is equivalent of 1 million distributed between a winner and four finalists and rising stars. The Aspen Institute announced last week the 10 finalists...
Alexis Caribbean Cuisine has lost over 40% of its customers during the Coronavirus pandemic.
Alexis Caribbean Cuisine failed to achieve its goal of getting back 60 percent of its basic clientele two years after the reopening in July 2020. Many of its customers before the pandemic are still working remotely and the main façade of the building it is located in is under repair. The restaurant is...
Letter on my cognitive dissonance while self-actualizing
I have been dealing with symptoms of dissonance cognitive in the crossroads of what society wants me to do and what my inner self expects me to choose.   I already dealt with both Maslow’s theory of needs and Festinger’s Cognitive Dissonance theories. Six years ago, I have engaged into a process...
Was January 6 riot a result of persuasive or propagandist initiative?
Both propaganda and persuasion focus upon the audience. Lillian L. Beeson (2015) defines persuasion as “a form of communication that employs both verbal and nonverbal symbols that intend to influence receivers to voluntary change attitudes, values, beliefs, and behaviors to agree with those supported...
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