Not only he has caught one, but he also killed it.

Four days ago, my six-year-old nephew was bitten by an insect, which was pecking at flowers in our backyard. I was sad as the sting sounded painful, and expected he would stay away from that kind of animal, at least for a while.

In fact, my sadness was mixed with a slight anger since I warned him this would happen. Today, he got back to the flowers….

Although I felt bad for Johan, I found out that I was wrong to believe that the stinging insect was a bee. “This is a Yellow Jacket,” his twin brother rebuked, “it is a kind of bee, but it is different”.

Joshua taught me that a Yellow Jacket has its stripes “yellow and black” whereas bees’ are “black and white”.

Today afternoon, the three of us have been in the backyard, but I did not realize they were chasing insects throughout the garden, too busy fixing a flexbox issue I have been coping with within the last 24 hours. And Johan came to me over by the table with a covered clear box containing three yellow insects.

“You have gone back to these animals!” I cried, “you want them to bite you again?” Through a proud face expression, I was able to guess a negative response. “Are these ones died?” I inquired. His answer was as slashing as the yellow jacket’s bite, “I got revenge.”

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