UN calls “everyone” to action as part of its first International Day to Counter Hate Speech.

Love not hate

“Hate speech is a danger to everyone and fighting it is a job for everyone,” said the General Secretary António Guterres.

June 18, 2022 recalled the first International Day to Counter Hate Speech, which offered the opportunity to UN General-Secretary António Guterres to call everyone’s attention to the need to work towards the eradication of such a scourge.

“This first International Day to Counter Hate Speech is a call to action,” stated Mr. Guterres. “Let us recommit to doing everything in our power to prevent and end hate speech by promoting respect for diversity and inclusivity.”

Guterres recalled that hate speech spurs violence diversity and social cohesion, and tend to weaken values and principles that keep it as a whole. Hate speech “promotes racism, xenophobia and misogyny; it dehumanizes individuals and communities; and it has a serious impact on our efforts to promote peace and security, human rights, and sustainable development, “the Portuguese diplomat insists.

This commemoration intervened while attacks against Asian-looking people across the country persists. Earlier this month, a woman has been accused of pepper-spraying several women while making anti-Asian comments in New York. Although she now faces multiple charges, including three counts of third-degree assault as a hate crime, according to a criminal complaint, few attackers were so far paid for their acts.

CNN reports that “Among 233 reported attacks against Asian Americans in New York City in the first three quarters of 2021, only seven have so far led to hate crime convictions, according to a new report from the Asian American Bar Association of New York (AABANY).”

António Guterres strikes a new blame to “the internet and social media (which) have turbocharged hate speech, enabling it to spread like wildfire across borders.” His message here

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