Martine Moise is an eyewitness to the assassination of her husband the Haitian President Jovenel Moise and a target of the commando breaking into their home on July 7, 2021. Her version of the facts is crucial as part of a real investigation, the one aiming to unmask the intellectual and physical perpetrators of this planned crime.

The investigation of the assassination of the Haitian president Jovenel Moise should soon go through its turning point with the return to Port-au-Prince of Martine Moise on Saturday July 17, 2021. Certainly, the former First Lady has come to organize her husband’s funeral on July 23rd, but she will also be able to extend to investigators the thread of the attack and the trouble in which the presidential family had been at that exact moment. So far, nothing has been said about how easy it was for the killers to access inside the president’s home and what was the guards’ reaction and instruction to the household; facts that are important in the process of a real investigation.

The head of the Haiti’s National Police, Leon Charles, may already communicate about the investigation. This is “very advanced”, he said on Wednesday July 14. To him, Christian Emmanuel Sanon, 63, a Haitian American based in Florida, is the intellectual perpetuator. Sanon would engage CTU Security, a private company which recruited 26 Colombian mercenaries, and whose owner Antonio Intriago traveled to Port-au-Prince several times to “sign a contract” and implement the plan to kill the president. The Haitian police director presented the picture of a meeting taken place in Dominican Republic to plan the president assassination. Alongside Christian Emmanuel Sanon and Antonio Intriago, the Haitian former senator John Joel Joseph, an opponent to the Jovenel Moise Government, who would be part of the attendees.

For now, Christian Emmanuel Sanon, with a political objective, according to Leon Charles and considered as the mastermind of the crime, is behind bars. The mercenaries, 18, arrested late in the day of the president Moise assassination led to this so-called pastor and doctor who arrived in Port-au-Prince in June aboard of a private plane with Colombian citizen as security guards, as explained Mr. Charles. Four other Haitian, two with American nationality, has been arrested. In addition, a former functionary of Moїse administration, Joseph Felix Bagio who would order to kill instead of kidnap the president, and John Joel Joseph, suspected of providing financial and equipment assistance to the plot, are actively wanted, as well as several others.

At this point, it is to congratulate the Haitian judiciary system for doing a good job so far. In 217 years of independence, it would be a great first for an investigation to be completed in such a short time, even though it is about the leader of the country. The Emperor Jean-Jacques Dessalines (1806) and the president Cincinnatus Leconte (1912) have not had such a privilege, not to talk about the Justice minister Guy Malary (1994) or president of Port-au-Prince Bar Montferrier Dorval (2020) or simple people as the journalist Diego Charles (2021). Even Better, the Haitian justice system started the investigation from the top as the arrested mercenaries helped to go up the channels of the intellectual authors of the assassination, Christian Emmanuel Sanon. Not to cover up the bottom part or the local side of the plot unless it takes to take the opportunity to do some witch hunt.

In fact, the Haitian people need to know about the course of the attack that took the life of their president although very unpopular. And Martine Moise should be the person of interest for having been alongside her husband that morning. We all barely understood that any of more than the 20 security guards that were inside the building that night has not been scratched. That means there were no scuffles throughout the hall, by the gates and in the building. How did the mercenaries get in? Not with difficulty if we refer to the first statement attributed the First Lady from her hospital-bed in Florida. “In the blink of an eye, the mercenaries entered my house and riddled my husband with bullets”, she said. Not only they faced with no obstacle entering the house, but the killers also seem having no other mission than taking the life of Jovenel Moise.

No! There could not be a surprise given that, from outside, using a megaphone, the commando pretended acting as part of DEA, Drug Enforcement American. “This is DEA operation”, they said. Such a warning let the president protectors enough time to concert and activate their predefined plan in case of attack, contact their chief, call for reinforcements, with the Petion-ville police office to few miles from there. Had they been intimidated by the allusion to DEA and let the commando get inside or had they already let them in even before that warning? In any case, the president had to have a conversation with those who were there to protect him, and Martine Moise knows what had been said.

Yes! There could be a surprise, but only if the killers had been already inside before the warning or they were dissimilated among the security guards themselves. Therefore, how Martine Moise could expect they speak to the president if their language is Creole or French or both? Again, her version of the facts is critical. Investigators can even determine whether the killers failed to kill her or wanted to protect her but just injured her for some reason. Did a stray bullet reach her? What about the two young adults, the president’s kids, that were there? What did they do and hear from outside and even inside?

Providing information about the progress of the investigation is good for the needs of the public opinion but set them so they relate one to another with elements of proof is even more important. What if the real investigation was rooted in the house where the crime took place?

By Guadel

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